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Date July 2, 2021 16:30

When long winter falls on Minnesota, all appears bleak and desolate. Summer, however short around here, provides an incredible contrast as nature springs to life.


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I began to contrast milk paint colors with different hardwoods as a reasoned form of design language during the interminable winter months of last February and March. A typical summer day now finds nature beautifully alive, where trees and flowers organically combine with University of Minnesota campus architecture. So I thought I would attempt a similar composition with the design of an organ case.


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During a now distant fall semester, I spent evenings in a favorite coffee shop solids modeling organ action components using, at that time, a new lower-cost design program. The process was a step forward, and I can now import the completed part library into new work.


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After creating a part library, I modeled a complete cabinet organ as a follow-on to the last organ I built as an independent builder. Fast forward to this summer, and I have reimagined that design using a synthesis of hardwoods and milk-painted side and keydesk frames that combine to provide the cabinet with clarity rather than striking contrast. For example, the keydesk frame rendered here in Yellow Rose and the side frames rendered in French Toast organically unite with walnut and white oak hardwoods.


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I suggest the following stoplist for this organ, designed to offer both resplendence yet appropriate tonal color for accompaniment.


Flauta 8' (notes 1 - 17 stopped, 18 - 51 open)

Prestant 4' Baß (notes 1 - 17)

Prestant 4' (notes 18 - 51)

Flet 4' (notes 18 - 51, potentially triangular)

Mixtur III

Cornet II (2 2/3' notes 1 - 17, 2 2/3' + 1 3/5' 18-51)

Posted July 2, 2021 16:30


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