Deconstructing Skinner Finds Tannenberg

Date August 11, 2019 11:17

Today it's about lab space. The first time former grad student Youssef Roman PhD saw my workshop, he commented that it looked like it was set up as a research lab. Well it sort of is. The shop is not only a space from which to build, but a space from which to develop ideas in the form of real objects.


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Northrop feels a lot like lab space to me now that I've returned from playing the 1802 Tannenberg. It's a space that allows me to return to the organ as in the past, and a space where I develop the tools and methods to photograph, record, and evaluate an instrument and its design.


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There's a story now I want to publish based on my playing the Tannenberg, only it's no Ken Burns documentary. The story is not one to read, not one to publish to social media, but one to see and hear, a story that needs to be built in this workshop.


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So maybe it is a Ken Burns documentary. A good title for it would be "Deconstructing Skinner Finds Tannenberg". It would be the story of my journey from Northrop through Tannenberg to the building of a new instrument.


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Posted August 11, 2019 11:17


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